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Michal Cinciala - Freelance Translator and Interpreter


My primary language pairs are English to Czech and German to Czech. In addition, I support translations between major languages (English, German, Japanese) and Central and East European languages (Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, etc.).

I process files created in specialized DTP software, such as Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and translate them using the translation memory technology without any intermediate processing steps (via Microsoft Word) that are common for non-CAT translation projects. Click here to find out more on this technology.

My primary concern is quality. Each project is checked carefully prior to delivery to the final customer.


CEE Languate
Major language 
   Czech   English
   Slovak   German
   Russian   Japanese

Other language pairs may be available. Contact me with a specific inquiry to obtain more information.


I specialize primarily in medical and technical translations. In addition, I translate patents, standards, documentation, business literature, and advertising materials. All translations are provided in a ready-to-use format. I offer services for research and development of products, quality management and control systems. I provide services to international companies to facilitate their internal and external communications.

Translation/project areas Document types
  • Technology, industry, engineering;
  • Manuals, documentation (production, sales, etc.);
  • Biology, pharmacy, medicine, chemistry;
  • Inspection reports, quality manuals;
  • Civil engineering, building industry;
  • Website localization;
  • Information technologies and equipment;
  • Standards and specifications;
  • Electronics, electrical equipment;
  • Legislation, tenders, quotations, inquiries;
  • Machinery;
  • and more.
  • Automotive industry;
  • and more.

Contact me with a particular inquiry or project to obtain additional information.


I utilize software products and file formats common in the translation industry. I also work with special translation tools. Software-based file format conversions (without any additional modifications) are free. Manual conversions, such as high-quality PDF-to-DOC conversions, are charged based on the complexity level. I cooperate with my customers on the development of proprietary formats.

Software, source/target file formats

  • Microsoft Word 
  • Corel Draw 
CAT tools
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Corel PhotoPaint
  • SDL Trados Studio
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • MemoQ, SDLX 
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • HTML, XML, ASP files
  • STAR Transit
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Plain TXT files
  • Wordfast
  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • Atril DejaVu
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Dreamweaver
  • Alchemy Catalyst
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • SDL Passolo
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Across

Other formats are available on a request.

Legal notice: The product names shown above are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


I offer translation services at highly competitive prices. Despite I concentrate on quality rather than quantity, my customers still enjoy favorable rates. If a customer chooses the Translation Memory service (Trados, SDLX, etc.), I provide large (up to 70%) discounts for repeating and previously translated text already saved in the translation memory (click here for detailed information on Translation Memory technology). Bulk discounts are available for large projects.

Express orders, hard copy processing, or very complex or specialty translations may be subject to surcharges. Complementary services, such as graphic processing, format conversion (e.g. professional PDF-to-DOC conversion) are billed separately based on a specific inquiry.

I quote prices for specific inquiries/projects. Generally, the prices start €0.06 per word of source language (€0.09 per source word for Japanese).

See legal information for legal aspects, warranty terms, liability, and so on.


Latest News

June 01, 2016 - I currently support the latest versions of popular CAT tools: SDL Trados Studio 2015, MemoQ 2015, Across 6.3.
May 28, 2016 - I have completed the Ultrabalaton, 221 km ultramarathon in Hungary. I managed to cover 221 km in 27 hours and 32 minutes and I took 12th position overall. For more details visit
May 1, 2016 - I will be leaving for summer stay in Japan on June 6th coming back to Czech on August 31st. I will be working as usual while in Japan. Please take time difference into consideration when placing order and communicating.